Is Relationships Australia a dating agency?

No, our services are intended to strengthen existing relationships and improve communication within them. Our main areas are counselling, family dispute resolution (mediation) and education.

Will our sessions be kept confidential?

Definitely. If you need reassurance, please ask. Our policy is stated clearly on this website, in the “Our Commitment” section:

Ethics and Confidentiality

Relationships Australia is committed to providing services which are ethical, professional and of the highest quality. All staff are responsible for maintaining proficiency and ethical standards in accordance with our Ethical Practices Policy. We discuss confidentiality with our clients and inform them about how we keep their personal information. Our employees are bound by a signed oath of confidentiality, witnessed by a JP. Client services and records are managed in accordance with Section 19(n) of the Family Law Act (1975), the Privacy Act (1988) and our own Privacy Policy.

Client feedback

Client feedback is encouraged and is used to monitor and evaluate our programs, staff performance and, as part of the planning process, to tailor services to client needs. All complaints are dealt with immediately by senior management in accordance with our Client Complaints Policy and Procedures. As with general feedback, complaints are used to influence future practice and standards. Feedback forms are sent to clients at the end of every service, but are also available from any Relationships Australia branch.

Alternatively, you may contact us via email or write to:

The Chief Executive Officer
Relationships Australia (WA)
PO Box 1206 West Leederville WA 6901

Are your charges means-tested?

Many are. We try not to let financial restrictions stop anyone using our services.

Do you have same-sex couples as clients?

We do. Our services are for people regardless of colour, religious views and sexual preference.

I know you have a website, but may I come into a branch and hear more about what you do?

Yes, you are welcome to call in and see a Customer Service Operator.

Would you send me a brochure on the particular services I’m interested in?

Yes, just ask our staff when you call. We have booklets and other material on topics such as “What About the Children,” “Women and Separation” and “Child Contact Service”.

Anything more you would like to know?

Please click on Frequently Asked Questions for

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  • Mediation

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