Sisterhood of creators

09 Dec 2019
Sisterhood of creators

By Danika Eades

As a budding artist I was approached by Debbie Singh from Relationships Australia's Moorditj Yarning program to consider getting my designs printed onto fabric. I was a little apprehensive at first as I thought, my designs are very different to the traditional Aboriginal designs, as they take on more of a modern contemporary look. Then in April 2019 I was invited to an artists meeting by Debbie Singh & Annette Dickie to meet other artists and to hear their stories. I was so nervous to be in a room with such accomplished artists, but when it came to hearing about and seeing some of their work I became inspired to start creating.

With the help of Debbie & Annette our group met more often, and after each meeting I’d feel more inspired. After just a few weeks I’d created six new designs which I named after each of the Noongar Seasons. Relationships Australia WA took my designs, sent them off to the printers and in return I had a full range of Noongar Seasons Chiffon Silk Scarves & Lux Size Canvas Cushions. They were a hit! I’d sold out almost immediately!

Now, almost eight months later, a smaller group has branched off and hit the market scene with our unique and extended merchandise. Gungurra - Buffie Corunna, Litiyalla - Camilla Sawford and myself collectively attend markets where we sell our products. We’ve made a great team and consider ourselves a sisterhood of creators.

Without the support of Debbie Singh from Relationships Australia WA this story would not be this successful. Her kindness and selflessness has provided me the platform to step out from my comfort zone, create something I love with the confidence to retail my products. Thank you Debbie and Relationships Australia WA.

To find out more about the Moorditj Yarning program, visit the service page here.

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