The importance of Dads

03 Sep 2020
The importance of Dads

Father’s Day is a great time to stop, reflect and celebrate the diversity of the Australian Dad. Fathers come in many shapes and sizes - some live in nuclear families, some are Grandparents, others may have shared care arrangements for their children.

Whatever the shape or size of your household one thing that’s certain is that Dads play an important role in the development of a child.

COVID-19 has impacted all families, and some Dads may have limited time with their children. But Dads’ influence in their children’s lives will still be felt, even if they can’t be physically present. It is important that Dads make the most of every opportunity to mentor and teach their children, but also to be playful and have fun.

Community Development Officer Andre Cannavo said Dads are the primary male role model for girls, modelling how men should act around women, their role as a male caregiver, companion and how to treat women. 

“Girls who have good male role models grow up to have healthy relationships, a healthy respect for men that is reciprocated, the ability to make safe and healthy choices about her interaction with men and women,” he said.

Andre said the importance of Dads is similar for boys, but with one addition.

“Boys need male role models to support their needs as a boy growing into a man, to show them the way, to teach them how to be safe.”

Andre said Father’s Day is a great prompt to make being the best Dad you can be your priority.

“You won’t be perfect, none of us are, but your kids will thank you in the years ahead and you’ll simply glow with pride when you see these young lives you’ve helped to form.”

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