Reflecting on our relationships

11 Feb 2021
Reflecting on our relationships

With Valentine’s Day approaching, this is the perfect time to reflect on our relationships, work on building strong foundations and celebrate the positive achievements. 

The past month has been difficult for many people in WA.  The stress and uncertainty of the COVID-19 lock down, the Wooroloo bushfires, and flooding in the northern parts of the state will strain many relationships like never before. Additionally, with ongoing and ever-changing border restrictions, many have been forced into long-distance relationships, and separated for their partner for long periods of time. 

While differences, tension and the conflict that result from these situations are a normal part of any relationship, it’s how we manage the conflict and resolve differences that is important. 

 Some practical tips for dealing with stress, tension and conflict include: 

  1. Remember, all conflict isn’t bad 
  2. Keep conflict in perspective 
  3. Set boundaries for the discussion 
  4. Agree to Disagree 
  5. See your partner as your friend 
  6. Seek for a win/win and work towards a solution 
  7. Don’t let old conflicts join new ones 

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Here are some tips to help building better relationships:

  1. Treat your partner as you would your best friend 
  2. Strengthen your commitment and trust
  3. Regulate, share and validate emotions 
  4. Develop effective communication skills 
  5. Work together on challenges   
  6. Maintain positivity in your relationship 
  7. Manage conflict and aim to for respectful communication       

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If you need extra support for building a better relationship, check out our education courses, designed to enhance and support positive and respectful relationships. You can find our upcoming course list here. 

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