Counselling for Couples

Counselling for Couples

Counselling can help a couple to:

  • understand the relationship they currently share and how they feel about each other rediscover why they were attracted in the first place
  • find out what they want from their relationship and from each other
  • consider how both parties contribute to the current relationship
  • identify what they are prepared to do to make the relationship work.

Counsellors don't make judgements on who is right or wrong; they don't tell clients what to do; and they don't try to persuade people to stay together or to separate.

Our staff

We have an experienced team of counsellors with the appropriate tertiary qualifications and experience in Social Work, Psychology or Counselling, which meet the approval requirements of the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department. Professional supervision and on-going training are provided to all counsellors to ensure a high quality of service. Counsellors use a range of counselling approaches, based on what is appropriate for clients and their particular issues.

What will it cost?

The fee for counselling per session is based on a sliding scale, according to the household income. No referral is required, simply telephone for an appointment. Day and evening appointments are available at all branches. Waiting times for an appointment vary according to the current level of demand and your availability.

Do you provide services over the phone?

Generally counselling face-to-face is most effective. However we realise that sometimes you may not be able to visit one of our locations. In this case please call 1300 364 277 to arrange for counselling support via phone or online.

Confidentiality and privacy

Relationships Australia WA offers confidentiality under the Family Law Act. All personal information is securely stored and, under the Privacy Act, requests can be made to access your personal information and ensure correction of any inaccuracies.

To find out more about our counselling services or to make an appointment, contact us on 1300 364 277.

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