Perth Family Relationship Centre

Perth Family Relationship Centre

To contact the Perth Family Relationship Centre call 6164 0300

How can the Perth Family Relationship Centre help?

The Perth Family Relationship Centre can help you by providing information about family relationships at all stages – forming new relationships, overcoming relationship difficulties or dealing with separation. We can also refer you to other services that can assist.

If you are parents experiencing separation we will talk with you to help you focus on your children’s needs and help you decide what to do next. We can also provide Family Dispute Resolution sessions with the other parent or family members to help you agree on parenting arrangements.

The Centre is also supported by community education programs and seminars.

Are the services free?

We provide information, referral and individual sessions free of charge. We provide one hour of family dispute resolution sessions free of charge (up to four hours where interpreters are used) and may charge fees after this depending on your circumstances. We will discuss these fees with you so that you can decide whether to commence sessions here or use another service with a different fees policy.

Do I need a booking?

You don’t need a booking to get information, including information about programs and services available in your local area that can help strengthen family relationships. If you are separating you can make an appointment for a private interview by calling the Perth Family Relationship Centre on 6164 0300.
Who can come with me?

As a general guide support persons or other family members are not present during your session. However you are welcome to have a support person accompany you and be present at the Centre while you have your session. If you have specific support requirements please call us to discuss this prior to your session.

Lawyers may be present in family dispute resolution sessions if this is agreeable to the other party and the family dispute resolution practitioner. Any costs associated with the lawyer will need to be paid for by the client. We encourage all clients to seek legal advice at any stage of the family dispute resolution process.

What if I need an interpreter?

We will arrange an interpreter free of charge if needed. Our Culturally Appropriate Mediation service may also be able to assist.

Will my details be kept private?

Your privacy is important to us and will be protected. We will only disclose personal information if you give permission or if required or authorised to by law, for example, to protect someone from harm.


We are committed to providing a safe environment and can put into place arrangements to assist with your safety or the safety of your children. You should let our staff know if you have any concerns as soon as possible.

When is the Perth Family Relationship Centre open?

To accommodate today’s busy lifestyle the Perth Family Relationship Centre is open some evenings, early mornings and until 11.45am on Saturdays.

Our operating times are:

  • Monday 9am to 4.45pm
  • Tuesday 9am to 8.45pm 
  • Wednesday 7:30am to 4.45pm 
  • Thursday 9am to 4.45pm 
  • Friday 9am to 4.45pm 
  • Saturday 9am to 11.45am


Where can I find more information?

For more information on the Perth Family Relationship Centre call us on 6164 0300.

The Family Relationship Advice Line also provides free information, advice and referral services. You can call the Family Relationship Advice Line on 1800 050 321 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am and 4pm Saturday.

Family Relationships Online provides access to information about the changes to the family law system and about family relationship issues and services available to assist families. Visit Family Relationships Online at

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