Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination

What is Parenting Coordination?

Following separation, it can be challenging for parents to make shared decisions about their children’s needs. It is also essential that children be shielded from conflict and maintain healthy and meaningful relationships with both parents.

Parenting Coordination (PC) is a childfocused, alternative dispute resolution process in which an impartial practitioner assists parents to resolve difficulties with implementing and maintaining parenting plans.

Parenting Coordinators:

  • Facilitate negotiations with parents to quickly resolve disputes as they arise
  • Educate on children’s development, effective communication, problem solving skills and co-parenting strategies
  • Link families to beneficial services
  • Where parents are unable to do so, make minor decisions in the best interests of children

Parenting Coordinator Qualifications

All Parenting Coordinators are qualified professionals, specially trained in the PC model and have extensive experience working with children and families.

What are the benefits of Parenting Coordination?

For children:

  • Reducing parental conflict and its harmful effects on children
  • Encouraging the safe and continued involvement of both parents in their children’s lives
  • Where appropriate, offering children a voice and helping parents to understand their child’s experience

For parents:

  • Assisting parents to enact their parenting plan and negotiate future disputes in an affordable and timely way without ongoing litigation
  • Enhancing parents’ communication and conflict resolution skills

For the legal community:

  • Reducing the number of litigated cases seen by the Family Court, by offering an alternative forum for parents to resolve co-parenting issues as they arise
  • Monitoring compliance with existing orders
  • When parents are unable to reach agreement, providing the Court with a report on the issues and barriers, with recommendations

How can the service be accessed?

  • By agreement of the parties for a PC to be appointed
  • Either party requesting the appointment of a PC during court proceedings
  • By order of the Family Court

We accept referrals into the PC program via email at: or phone: 6164 0640

When are we open?

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

The cost?

The cost of PC is modest in comparison to the cost of recurrent legal action. The fee per hour, per party is:

Concession/Pension Card   $40
Up to $40, 000 $60
$40 - 65,000$85
$65 - 100, 000$120
$100, 000 and over



Fees are also charged for time taken to read documents and respond to emails and telephone calls, with costs allocated to the party initiating contact.

If a report is requested, there is a charge of $150 per page.

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