Our Milestones

Our Milestones

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Perth’s Daily News carried a headline: “Council will help couples with worries”. Education, including sex education and would be offered to marrieds, unmarrieds and about-to-be-marrieds.


The Marriage Guidance Council of Western Australia was launched to support soldiers returning from World War II, facing relationship difficulties.

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The council’s 10th anniversary. The first decade of the Marriage Guidance Council of Western Australia was, in simple terms, a time of reinforcing vows that spouses had made in church, which is where the great majority of marriages were celebrated.

and early1990s
In the late 1980s and early 1990s we continued with substantial diversification. Formal mediation had become a standard service alongside counselling. Relationships education was also growing in popularity.

Reflecting the broader scope of our work and the changing needs and family choices, we rename to Relationships Australia Western Australia.

RAWA established WA’s first counselling service for children who were secondary victims of family and domestic violence, thereby helping break down the barriers that had muted any serious consideration of the impact of family and domestic violence.

RAWA established the Child Contact Centre in 2001, as a best-practice program that could reduce tension during hand-overs of children between separated parents.
The first annual Neighbour Day is held in response to the growing loneliness epidemic in Australia, encouraging neighbours to foster closer connections (from RANSW).
WA Family Law Pathways Networks was established in 2003 following an identified gap in the family law service. National networks became a key component of the family law system, assisting to implement Government policy by enhancing collaboration which better supports separated and separating families.
2005 - 2007
Relationship Education funding grew substantially for the three years. This funding was attached to the Family Relationship Centres, which we won the tender for in the Perth CBD.
Our first Aboriginal service Moorditj Yarning was established. ‘Good talking’ would be the best translation into English. The service supported people living in the Langford and Gosnells areas through yarning and xyz. Kidcare was later established to help young people affected by or witnessing family violence in Albany, then it expanded to support the Katanning and Tambellup communities.
Our first Family Relationships Centre opened in the Perth CBD to provide TBC..
Relationships Australia WA extended its reach to families affected by Elder Abuse. RA’s National Office, surveyed Members of Parliament to see what they felt should be done by organisations like ours to respond to community concerns. As well as elder abuse, family law and loneliness were areas of need.
Today we have over 314 staff across 24 locations, support almost 20,000 individuals, couples and families throughout Western Australia through times of challenge and change.
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