You’re at the end of full-time employment?

This will free up more time. Have you decided what to do with it?

Apart from the practical material aspects of retirement such as housing and finances, this major change may have an effect on your most personal relationships.

If you have a partner, how much time will you spend together? What joint interests do you have? How will the domestic chores, from which there is no retirement, be shared?

You may find it rewarding to commit to part-time work and/or regular volunteering. Both these options involve a light regime of weekly routine that can help particularly in the transition between decades-long employment and complete retirement.

The best way to cope with change is to plan for it. If you have a partner, find out what she or he thinks. Read books, talk to friends, older relatives; find out about their experiences.

If you are concerned about retirement and what effect it may have on your relationships please contact us.

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