Accidental Counsellor

Accidental Counsellor

Course Summary

Have you ever been caught without the words to help a friend, family member, client, customer or co-worker who was dealing with a distressing situation? This one day workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills to help you to help them in a safe way, without feeling you have to advise, problem solve or take responsibility.

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  • $120 per person

Do you find others (clients, customers, colleagues, friends, family members) often open up to you and share their problems, sometimes distressing situations, and ask you what you think they should do?

Would you like to be clearer about what to say or do to really help them?

This one day workshop will:

  • define the role of Accidental Counsellor
  • explore the differences between supporting, helping and rescuing
  • look at the desirable traits and skills for an accidental counsellor
  • explore the significance of self-awareness, emotions, personal perception filters and empathy
  • look at self-care strategies

To assist people during challenging times we have produced a tip-sheet taken from this course. Click here to download.

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