Parent-Teen Connection

Parent-Teen Connection

Course Summary

We know that adolescence can be a time of turmoil and change - for both children and their parents. Good behaviour in teenagers starts with a warm relationship and positive communication. There are plenty of things you can do to maintain a strong relationship and stay connected. This course will provide you with a practical 'how-to-guide' to help you understand your teen's behaviour and give you some skills to manage challenges effectively.

  • Fee
  • $50 per person

Topics the course will include:

  • the tasks of adolescence
  • how your teen's developing brain affects their thinking and behaviour
  • developing a helpful perspective on adolescence
  • different parenting styles and approaches
  • communication in a way that teenagers understand
  • the emotional challenges that occur during adolescence
  • active listening skills
  • ways to stay connected
  • how to respond rather than react to challenging behaviours
  • how to have a difficult conversation with your teen

To assist people during these challenging times we have produced a tip-sheet taken from this course. Click here to download.

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